The Gathering 2016

Hearth Of The Ancestors

Sunday July 17th, 9am - 6pm

Where do you sit in your family group?

Are you a mother, father, sister, child, aunt, brother, grandparent, uncle, son or daughter?

Where do you sit in your ancestral line?

Only a 150 generations will take us back around 3000 years when our lands were still and tribal and priests and seers guided the people. Nature was respected and seen through less arrogant eyes.

Beyond the Boundaries of Everyday Life

This land still hold these sacred memories and can be accessed by those with eyes to see and love in their hearts. At this Gathering we will tend our fires and sound our drums and voices to stir the shades of our ancestors. We will ask for their aid to explore the depths of knowledge that has been passed down through the ages.

We will dream the magic of our elders and sit with the healing they give. We will journey through the depths of time to learn the gifts that we carry and the blockages that we hold from our ancient past.

Beyond the boundaries of everyday life lies the magic of unseen worlds that we can access in a safe and supportive group setting. The communion with the natural energies of this land and the wildlife and beings who share Aldermoor Farm will allow you to step through the threshold of daily existence into the realms of magic.

Explore the Programme here.

Presentations from experienced practitioners will inspire us to explore the wonders of the inner realms.

Two breakout workshops will let our hands explore the creativity that lies within us. Ritual, voice and discussion will let us expand our experience and enjoy the company of like-minded souls.

Relax and enjoy this full day, a wholesome lunch provided round the fire. Bring your own hand-crafted goods at a blanket sale during lunch. And bring your drums to join in the closing ceremony.